Tuition fees have been calculated to include most fees. First Lutheran Church has contributed substantially to the support of First Lutheran School for 150 years.  This support continues to be strong and is a blessing to each of us at First Lutheran School.  Tuition fees have been adjusted to allow First Lutheran Church to work in other areas of ministry and to give those who are not members of First Lutheran Church the opportunity to contribute to the education of their children.  Every member of First Lutheran Church, in addition to the tuition paid, is expected to make sacrificial offerings to First Lutheran Church of their time, talent, and treasure.  First Lutheran families are expected to commit to regular church and Sunday school attendance.  If they fail to do so, members of First Lutheran Church risk losing their “membership rates” status.  All families must realize the commitment membership involves and do their part since the cost of operating the school during the 2003- 2004 school year was close to $4,000 per full-time student.


For the current school year, parents may pay their tuition in one of the following ways.

  • Payment in Full:  Annual payments may be directly to the school office before August 15.  A 2% discount is given if paid in full.
  • Semi-Annual Payments:  Semi Annual payments may be made directly to the school office by cash or check.  You may also pay semi-annually through Simply Giving.  Semi-annual payments are due by August 15 and January 15.
  • Monthly Payments through Simply Giving:  Monthly payment must be paid through Simply Giving – electronic funds transfer.  You may choose the ten month payment plan or the eleven month payment plan.


The Simply Giving Program endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank is a program operated by Vanco Services, LLC that enables educational institutions to receive tuition payments through electronic funds transfer (EFT).  There is no cost to families to participate in The Simply Giving Program.