Dress Code

1st Lutheran School has adopted a Uniform Dress Code for students in grades Kindergarten through Grade Six.  Our school’s philosophy of high expectations and high standards of excellence carries through in our holding high expectations in terms of the dress of the students.  Our school is a special place with special standards.  The following apply to all school activities including off campus field trips unless other arrangements have been made.

In order to insure follow-through and maintenance of standard appearance in our Uniform Dress Code, the cooperation of the parent is essential.  Parents are to check to make sure that their children are “within the code” before they leave the house each morning.  They are also asked to cooperate with the school when we deal with students who violate the Code.  We ask that parents make every effort to send their children off to school dressed within the Code guidelines.

The following regulations are to be followed in terms of clothing worn to school.

ALL STUDENTS – Shirts/Tops

  • Except for designated days/occasions, only short or long sleeved “polo” shirts (collar with two or three buttons down the front) are to be worn to school and school-related activities. Note: Polo dresses are no longer approved for girls.
    1. In a typical week, polos would be worn on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
    2. Wednesday (or other designated chapel day) expectations are the school-logo French blue button down shirt (long or short sleeve)
      1. Chapel shirts must be ordered through the school.
    3. On Fridays, School issued “Spirit Shirts” may be worn.
  • Polo shirts are to be a solid color shirt and free of any brand logos, fringe, lace, etc..
  • Solid powder blue, royal blue, navy blue, heather gray, or black shirts are to be worn.
  • No long sleeve shirts or turtlenecks may be worn under short sleeve polos or short sleeve chapel shirts.
  • All shirts are to remain tucked in throughout the school day and should remained tucked in if the student bends over and touches their toes
  • School issued spirit wear crewneck sweatshirts or logo vests, plain navy blue sweatshirts, or navy blue cardigan sweaters may be worn in school over dress code approved shirts.
  • Jackets and Hoodies may not be worn in the school building. They may only be worn outside.


ALL STUDENTS – Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Jumpers

  • All pants/skirts/shorts/jumpers must be solid, plain (without stripes, decorative embellishments, etc.) khaki, navy blue, or grey. (No jeans/denim except on Fridays) 
  • Plain blue denim jeans (without rips or holes) may be worn on Fridays.
  • Only solid white, gray, navy, or black colored tights or leggings may be worn under skirts, skorts, and jumpers.
  • Shorts, jumpers, skirts, and skorts length must be equal to or longer than the extended length of fingertips when arms and hands are extended straight at the sides.
  • All pants and shorts must be worn with a belt. A belt is defined as a device to aid in keeping the pants up in an appropriate position with a clasp to hold it securely closed.  [Sewn in belts with clasps are acceptable – ropes, drawstrings, etc. are not acceptable].


 ALL STUDENTS -Miscellaneous

  • Tennis Shoes or other closed toed shoes are the expectation. Sandals and open back [clog type] shoes may be worn as long as the student has a pair of gym shoes at school for recess and gym.
  • No thong sandals are allowed at any grade level.
  • Shoes with laces must be laced and tied. High heels and flip-flops are not allowed.
  • No in-line convertible gym shoes are allowed.
  • Socks must be worn with all shoes including sandals.
  • Jewelry may be worn if it is in good taste and not bizarre or excessive. Boys may not wear earrings.
  • No facial jewelry, tattoos, or distracting hairstyles, such as unnatural colors and spiked hair, are allowed.
  • No hats, caps, or headgear may be worn in the building. Plain, basic headbands without attachments (ears, other decorations, etc.) or a bow are acceptable for girls.
  • Hair length: Boys – at or above the collar and out of the eyes. Girls – out of the eyes.
  • Clothing with rips, tears, or holes is prohibited. Cut-offs are not allowed.



 Dress Code Violations

Violators may be asked to call home for a change of clothing.  A student may amass up to three such violations during the school year before parents are contacted about the violations.

During the school year “non-uniform days” will be announced to the students in advance by the Principal.

The Principal’s decision is final in dealing with appropriateness of dress while at school and/or school sponsored activities.

Parents are asked to discuss this code with their children.  It needs to be emphasized that you have purposely chosen a distinctively Christian atmosphere for your child’s education.  Dress does influence the learning environment, the students’ attitude, and the character of this very special place.