The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer…my shield, and the horn of my salvation.  Psalm 18:2 Skill: character traits


*reading will come home nightly, Monday thru Thursday, in their “Life Jacket.”  Please listen to your kiddo read, initial the card, and return BOTH the card and the book in the “life jacket.”

Shurley English

Sentences…capitals and punctuation


j, v, floss rule, final spelling with c

see     red     that     this     back     sing    bring     think     green     three    are     from



The bag is from Pam.

I think we can go.



* subtracting 0

* identifying even numbers to 20

*counting dimes and pennies



Thanksgiving More planets and the moon!
1.   Reading: Monday-ThursdayJ

2. Friday: study Bible verse, spelling words and sentences

The camp out was SO much fun!  Thank you for allowing your camper to stay! J