My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27


*remember to sign verse picture and return on FRIDAY!

CHANGE: All students are required to test on at least 3 AR books each week…they pick the days (just don’t wait until the last minute!)

…please be sure to fill out the form in their BLUE folder.

Shurley English
Where and when More vowel patterns
Spelling words:

my     tell    her    soon    shall    stringy    made    feelings    packed     number    want    don’t



My little dog likes to nap with me. He snores and cuddles on my lap.  After he wakes up, he wants to run.


* adding two digits without regrouping

*addition facts: doubles plus one



*Keep working on math facts with the wrap its!  (please remember to send them back every day)


*New Homework!*

Please take note of the weekly reading requirements. Starting next week we will not be doing spelling sentences for homework.  On Monday we will read our Weekly Reader and do class activities with it.  It will come home with a sheet stapled to it that is to be completed and returned on Friday.


Please check the Friday note for NLSW permission form and return it next week.