The LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9



Please check nightly (no Fridays) for reading material in your child’s book “life jacket”.   Be sure to initial the card after you hear them read.

Shurley English
This week we will add adverbs in our sentences to classify!


k, c, spelling with k or c, b
a       an       at     tap     lot

nap     tan    zip     lap     pit


Spelling Sentences:


Nap on it.

Zip a top





*dividing a solid into halves

*graphing on a pictograph

*counting from 0-23

*writing addition number sentences

*ordinal positions first – sixth


Where people live The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal
Kk, Cc, Bb Congratulations!   I have two more kiddos to tie their shoes…MJ and Cort!