Philosophy & Curriculum

The program in First Grade seeks to provide age-appropriate experiences that fully develop a student’s God-given potential in an atmosphere that promotes spiritual growth and a positive self-concept.  The schedule features daily routines with structured large-group lessons.  Small-group learning and free-choice activities provide the development of students’ social interactions while promoting cooperation.  Students learn standard-based concepts and do skill based activities using fun and creative themes.  While planned activities cover all the core curriculum areas, the students’ faith life, writing skills, reading skills and a solid math foundation are the most prominent.


Old Testament stories beginning with Creation are taught the first semester.  Second semester focuses on the life of Jesus.  Weekly memory work is required.  Students and faculty worship together in Chapel every Wednesday.

Language Arts

Reading, English, spelling and handwriting are integral to each grade.  In First Grade, lessons emphasize or include phonics, book projects, Accelerated Reading, listening activities and a writer’s workshop that promotes creative writing.


Lessons concentrate on place value, regrouping, addition and subtraction facts, geometry, fractions, word problems and time.  Board work and hands-on manipulatives enhance the student’s learning.  Accelerated Math is offered as a supplement.


Science is taught from a Christian perspective and includes Life, Earth, and Physical sciences and the human body.  Students increase their understanding and knowledge by performing science experiments.

Social Studies

First Grade social studies is taught in thematic units, which includes families, government, communities, geography and heroes.

Physical Education

Students learn about exercise and good sportsmanship while participating in various activities and games.  Music is also integrated into these activities.


Elementary students learn the elements and principles of art through a multitude of fun projects using different media.  Students learn about various types of paint, clay work, colored pencil and even the simple drawing pencil.  Students are encouraged to do their best, and above all, have fun while praising God with our works of art.


Students in lower elementary are exposed to the language with games, songs and reinforcement exercises.  Upper elementary students work to speak and understand the language in simple to intermediate level conversations.  All students get an exposure to the culture of many of the Spanish-speaking countries in the world.


Students study instruments, composers, and simple music theory.  Folk songs and hymn studies are also explored.  Children learn to follow a director during choir and may perform at First Lutheran Church during the school year.  All grades participate in the Christmas concert and Operetta.

Library and Computer

Students visit the school library and computer lab each week.  Through the use of technology students enhance reading and math skills, learn basic computer terms, get acquainted with the use of toolbar buttons and options and become familiar with and use web sites of educational learning.  Students use the library to read and check out books of interest.

Teacher’s Educational Philosophy

“Children are a gift from the Lord.”  Psalms 127:3

As gifts, they are to be cherished, nourished, protected, loved and taught.  In First, we accept the calling God has given us to help each child grow in body, mind and spirit as he strives to reach his full potential as a child of God, using the talents God has given him.  These grades are the firm foundation needed for a lifetime of learning.