Mrs. Paulus

AMI Week March 30 – April 3

Zoom Meetings Daily at 2:00.  Look in Seesaw for the sign in code.

I am available for text message, phone calls, and Facetime at 479-452-5940. You can also post questions on Seesaw.

Visit Seesaw on your phone, tablet, or computer to access help videos from me, to send me messages, and to submit pictures of your work.


Ainsley, Lucas, Jaxon – sort 45 in your yellow book (we are skipping sort 44)

TayLynn, Addi, Karina, Khloe, Lola, Eily – sort 24

Peter, Noah, Fox – sort 4

Monday – Write your words in your planner for practice.

Tuesday – Cut of word sorts and watch video

Wednesday –

Thursday –

Friday – Spelling


Monday –no assignment

Tuesday – no assignment

Wednesday – no assignment

Thursday – Watch the video for page 131,  complete pages 132-134

Friday – complete page 135


Monday – Tuck Everlasting chapters 10 -11 watch the video in Seesaw to review and read along with me. Complete sentences for chapters 10-11 in your packet.

Tuesday – Tuck Everlasting vocabulary and questions for chapters 1 – 11.  Watch the video in Seesaw for instructions and help.

Wednesday– Tuck Everlasting chapters 12-13 watch the video in Seesaw to review and read along with me. Complete sentences for chapters 12-13 in your packet.



Monday – Log in to and complete the suggested activities that appear next to the star at the top right of your page.

Tuesday – Unit 3: Group 11

Wednesday – Unit 4:1 and 4:2

Thursday – Unit 4:3 and 4:4

Friday – Unit 4:5 and 4:6



Monday – Complete the practice test 17A. Watch the video and make corrections for extra credit. Complete the Power Up Test and 17B for a grade. Do not use a calculator. You can use your textbook for help, but do not ask anyone else to help you.

Tuesday – Lesson 91

Complete your power up and watch the video to check it. Make corrections. Read the note about problem solving

Watch the lesson 91 video in the blue box on Seesaw  and complete LP A-L and problems 1-29 odd  Read the note in Seesaw about problem 23

Wednesday – Lesson 92

Thursday – Lesson 94

Friday – Lesson 95