Philosophy & Curriculum


The religion curriculum used in fifth grade thoroughly examines stories of the Old and New Testaments.  The students are shown the connections between God’s promises in these stories and their fulfillment in Christ.  The lessons are designed to teach students about key concepts of faith such as Law and Gospel, fruits of the Spirit, confession, repentance, forgiveness and grace.  The students are encouraged to put theses concepts into action in their lives.  Memory work is also an important part of the religion curriculum.


Math in fifth grade provides theory, practice, and practical applications of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Students will explore the relationship between fractions and decimals.  Students will also be introduced to the concept ratios, and proportions.  Students will be able to write and solve algebraic equations.  They will solve basic geometric problems including: determining the perimeter and area of basic polygons, classifying angles, triangles, and solid figures.  Students will be able to analyze a set of data by interpreting its measures of central tendency.  Students will solve real world problems involving whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  Skills will be demonstrated through daily assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects.

Language Arts

The fifth grade reading curriculum includes instruction on a variety of language concepts as well as reading and study skills.  A wide range of reading materials is used from the areas of fiction and nonfiction alike.  The stories are centered on a variety of themes that connect the stories to each other as well as to the students’ lives.  Accelerated Reader is an integral part of our reading curriculum.

Learning the parts of speech, a variety of sentence structures, as well as paragraph, letter, poetry, and story writing round out the structure of the English curriculum.  Through these activities, fifth grader students learn and practice the mechanics of writing.  Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to write in variety of styles and genres.

Spelling and vocabulary study are both important facets of our language arts curriculum.

Social Studies

The fifth grade social studies curriculum focuses on the history of the United States prior to the Civil War.  The year begins with an overview of U.S. geography and a research project about an U.S. state is required of each student.  Other units of study include Native Americans, early explorers, colonial life, and the Revolutionary War.


The fifth grade science curriculum provides opportunities for students to explore various science concepts.  This is done through hands-on experiments and demonstrations combined with the information from their text.  Topics come from the areas of life, earth, and physical science.  Through science, each student is challenged to see the world and its workings as an amazing creation of our Heavenly Father.


Elementary students learn the elements and principles of art through a multitude of fun projects using different media.  Students learn about various types of paint, clay work, colored pencil and even the simple drawing pencil.  Students are encouraged to do their best, and above all, have fun while praising God with our works of art.


Students in lower elementary are exposed to the language with games, songs and reinforcement exercises.  Upper elementary students work to speak and understand the language in simple to intermediate level conversations.  All students get an exposure to the culture of many of the Spanish-speaking countries in the world.


Students study instruments, composers, and simple music theory.  Folk songs and hymn studies are also explored.  Children learn to follow a director during choir and may perform at First Lutheran Church during the school year.  All grades participate in the Christmas concert and Operetta.


Fifth grader students are a part of the Junior Choir, rehearsing for performances at school, and other locations by invitation. Fifth grade students are also in band every day, and develop the self-discipline necessary to perform on their chosen instrument.  Every spring, band students participate in the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Region II solo and ensemble festival, and every year we return with Superior Medals. As a part of band class, students also learn music theory and music history as it pertains to the music they play.


Computer skills are developed in the computer lab and classroom.  Fifth grade students reinforce prior learning on keyboarding skills.  While learning Microsoft Word and simple Excel functions, fifth grade students use their skills to produce brochures, advertisements, invitations, etc.  PowerPoint is used in class for presentations which showcase their technology. The Internet is used for reliable research and skill reinforcement in most areas of the curriculum.

Teacher’s Education Philosophy

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6


Our goal is to strive for educational excellence by instilling in our students the desire to be life-long learners, helping them to live up to their individual potential, and enabling them to become responsible and independent citizens who are eager to successfully bring their world to know Christ as their personal Savior.