Thursday, March  19, 2020

Religion — Memorize the Sixth Commandment and its meaning.

English — Choose 15 words from your Unit 29 spelling list and write a story in your blue journal. Please underline the spelling words you use. It needs to be at least 3/4 of a page in length.

Spelling — Unit 29   Complete Extra Practice Master worksheet for Unit 29

Vocabulary — Unit 10-12 Review Unit   Complete pages 163 and the Cumulative Review III worksheets.

Literature — Read the myth “Arachne” in your literature book on pages 705-712.

Math — Lesson  95     pages 494-496   #1-30

Science  5/6 — No assignment

Social Studies  5/6 — Watch video first! <—Click on me!                                                                         After watching the video, read and then complete the packet of worksheets about the video.


This is the end of our first week of “distance learning.” I’m not a big fan of it — mostly because I miss you guys.  I hope you can put your school books aside after today and enjoy your Spring Break. Report cards are going in the mail today.  Be looking for them. I hope some of you are using your time to get some reading done. Lack of AR points hurt literature grades for some of you!