Mrs. Brown’s 4th Grade

We are going places!

Here’s a look at our classroom for this week.

March 12-15, 2018

Math Mon: Investigation 9 pgs. 574-577

Tues: L 91 Decimal Place Value pgs.579-580

Wed: L 92 Classifying Quadrilaterals pgs. 588-590

Thurs: L 93 Estimating Multiplication and Division Answers pgs. 593-594


Spelling Unit 28 Base Words with Suffix –ful and –less

Mon: pgs. 184-185

Tues: pgs. 186-187

Wed: pgs. 188-189

Thurs: Test 28


Vocabulary Unit 14 “Love Those Bugs”

Mon: pg. 142 Word Webs 1-6

Tues: pg. 143-145 Word Webs 7-12

Wed: pgs. 146-147

Thurs: Test 14 & pgs. 148-149


Reading/Writing Fictional Narrative Writing


English Mon: 3-pt. Expository Writing “Favorite Things to do on Spring Break”

Tues: Regular and Irregular Verbs & Pattern 4 Sentences pg. 41 Ex 1,2,3

Wed: Edit 3-Pt. Paragraphs & pg.42 Ex.1-4

Thurs: 3-Pt. Persuasive Paragraph 3rd person – “Reasons to See the Movie…”