Mrs. Brown’s 4th Grade

Finding JOY in the Journey!

April 6- 9, 2020

Math- Mon: Inv. 10 pgs. 636-639 #1-25

Tues: L 101 pgs. 644-647

Wed: L 102 pgs. 651-653

Thurs: L 103 pgs. 657-659

Fri: Good Friday


English-Mon: pg. 53 Ex 1-3 Classifying video

Tues: Descriptive paragraph 3rd Person “A Stormy Night” Use he, his, him, she, her, hers, it, its, they, their, and them

Wed: pg. 54 Ex 1-3 Classifying video

Thurs: pg. 55 Ex 1-3 Classifying video

Fri: Good Friday


Spelling-Mon: Unit 29 Calendar Words pgs. 190-191 Tues: pg. 192

Wed: pg. 193-194 & study for test

Thurs: Test 29 (Parents give orally)

Fri: Good Friday


Vocab-Mon: pgs. 157-159

Tues: Unit 16 pg. 160-162 Introduce words 1-5

Wed: Find things in your home or act out words 1-5 and their meanings. Write 1 sentence for each of the 5 words to show an understanding of their meaning.

Thurs: pg. 163 Introduce words 6-12

Fri: Good Friday


Reading:  AR Reading daily. Parents sign off when 30 minutes of reading a day are completed.

Mon:  Video discussing Poetry Notebooks

Learn about Cinquain poems

Write Cinquain poems and Do pg. 8 for Love That Dog

Tues:  Video reading pgs. 30-60 Love That Dog

Work pgs. 9 – 10 for Love That Dog

Complete all Cinquain poems

Wed:  Learn about Who, What, When, Where, Why poems

Complete pg. 11, cut out page 12 and paste tabs on pg. 13 for Love That Dog

Begin writing Who, What, When, Where, Why poems

Thurs:  Complete all Who, What, When, Where, Why poems

Do pg. 14 for Love That Dog

Fri:  Good Friday