Mrs. Brown’s 4th Grade

We’re going places!

Here’s a look at what is happening in our classroom this week

October 16-19, 2017

Math– Mon: L34 Writing Numbers Through Hundred Millions pgs. 215-217 & 10’s and 11’s facts quiz

Tues: L35 Naming Mixed Numbers and Money pgs. 222-225 & 12’s facts quiz

Wed: Test 6 & Multiplication retakes SUNDAE PARTY at lunch J

Thurs: L36 Fractions of a Dollar pgs. 230-232


English/Writing– Mon: pg. 15 Ex 1,2,3

Tues: pg. 15 Ex 4,5,6 Journal Writing & Three point expository paragraphs (1st person)

Wed: pg. 16 Ex 1,2 & Pattern 1 sentence

Thurs: pg. 16 Ex 3,4,5,6


Spelling– Unit 10 Vowel Sounds /or/, and /o/

Mon: pgs. 70-71

Tues: pgs. 72-73

Wed: pgs. 74-75

Thurs: Test 10



Thurs: pg. 44-45 Wordy Study & Shades of Meaning


Reading: The Whipping Boy research and report writing. Final hand written reports due Monday, October 23.