Philosophy & Curriculum

Second grade students receive a strong foundation in the core areas of math, reading, and language arts.  Studies in music, art, and foreign language further enrich each child’s learning experience.  Children are guided and encouraged to grow spiritually, to learn how to work together successfully, and to grow friendships.  Your involvement as a parent is encouraged and recognized as an important part of your child’s educational journey.


Each day begins praising God and studying His Word.  Students learn key concepts of faith such as Law and Gospel.  Old Testament stories beginning with Creation are taught in the fall and the life of Jesus is the focus in the second semester.  Worship for the school family occurs ever Wednesday during Chapel.

Language Arts

Reading, English, spelling, handwriting are integral in each grade.  Children immerse themselves in reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction literature spanning age-appropriate classics to current events.  Students experience a range of activities in the language arts that include listening skills, phonics, book reports, and accelerated reader.  Students are encouraged to express themselves through a series of writing projects that culminates in a yearlong portfolio.  Manuscript handwriting techniques are reviewed in the fall semester.  Cursive handwriting is taught in the second semester.



The math curriculum begins with a review of addition and subtraction facts.  Additional concepts taught include regrouping with addition and subtraction, place value, time, measurement, money, geometry, and fractions.  Multiplication and division skills are introduced.  Word problems are used to promote problem solving skills.


Science is taught from a Christian perspective and includes Life, Earth, and Physical sciences and the human body.  Students increase their understanding and knowledge by performing science experiments.

Social Studies

Second grade students study government, law, and the role of workers in the community.

Physical Education

Students learn about exercise and good sportsmanship while participating in various activities and games.  Music is also integrated into these activities.


Elementary students learn the elements and principles of art through a multitude of fun projects using different media.  Students learn about various types of paint, clay work, colored pencil and even the simple drawing pencil.  Students are encouraged to do their best, and above all, have fun while praising God with our works of art.


Students in lower elementary are exposed to the language with games, songs and reinforcement exercises.  Upper elementary students work to speak and understand the language in simple to intermediate level conversations.  All students get an exposure to the culture of many of the Spanish-speaking countries in the world.


Students study instruments, composers, and simple music theory.  Folk songs and hymn studies are also explored.  Children learn to follow a director during choir and may perform at First Lutheran Church during the school year.  All grades participate in the Christmas concert and Operetta.

Library and Computer

Students visit the school library and computer lab each week.  Students begin to learn and practice the initial concepts of typing and word processing.  Students enhance reading and math skills in the computer lab and may check out books of interest from the school library.

Teacher’s Educational Philosophy

“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”  Mark 10:14


At First Lutheran School, we share the good news that salvation is a gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  It is our job as teachers and parents to help our children reach his/her fullest potential in an atmosphere of love, structure and rules.