Earlier today we sent out the notice that we are switching to virtual learning on Monday and Tuesday.  This was not a decision made lightly, but after weighing all of the information and situations in front of me, it was the only proactive decision to make in order to give our families adequate time to make other arrangements.  It also helps to provide peace of mind that exposure will be limited headed into the Thanksgiving holiday.


From our earliest drafts of our COVID-19 Operational Response Plan, we stated to be prepared for AMI from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  It is still our intention to be in session, but we live in rapidly changing times.  As we are learning, currently the main challenges that we face are not from an internal spread, but from the strain on our staff and students from the spread outside of our walls.  Our best intentions will be to make and communicate any campus wide AMI decisions by noon on Friday for the following week and announce those decisions via email, Facebook Families Group and the school app.


Again, we understand the inconvenience that this places on your family and it is not a decision that we make lightly.  Virtual teaching is harder on our teachers, as well, so our priority is always to provide safe, in person instruction.