Accelerated Reader Challenge

Monday, January 28th was the start date of the 2019 AR Challenge for Lutheran Schools and we are nearing the end of the fifth week.   As a school, we are currently ranked 4th out of the 49 Lutheran schools participating this year. Second Grade continues to lead the way, ranking 1st among other second graders with a score of 46.82 points per student. First Grade is 4th in their division earning 27.56 points per student and Third Grade is 11th in their division with 13.91 points per student. Fourth Grade has moved up to 10th in their division at this point in the AR Challenge with 16.1 points per student.  Fifth Grade is 5th in their division, earning 30.35 points per student and Sixth Grade is ranked 19th and is in the top half of their group. We have 1 week remaining in the Challenge!