Monday, January 26th was the start date of the 2018 AR Challenge for Lutheran Schools. We have reported how many points per student we earned each week by grade level. The contest ended 3 weeks ago on March 9th, and the final rankings were released right before Spring Break. As a school, we ranked 4th out of the 54 Lutheran schools participating with a score of 46.58 points per student. That’s higher than our 9th place finish last year when we averaged 31.24 points per student. Fifth Grade did exceptionally well, ranking 1st among other fifth graders with a score of 83.41 points per student. Second grade finished 2nd in their division, after waging an ongoing battle with Calvary Lutheran School of Kansas City. They averaged 98.49 points per student compared to Calvary Lutheran’s 98.74 points per student. Fourth grade also finished in 2nd place in their division with an average of 44.36 points. Sixth grade ranked 4th in their division with 53.53 points per student.   Third grade finished 23rd with 20.9 points per student and First grade finished 27th with 8.88 points per child.


During this 6-week competition, our students read a total of 2,415 books and earned 2655.4 points. They achieved this with a comprehension rate of 89.3%.  All of our students strived to do their best and can be proud of our results.


Many of those students reached personal milestones in Accelerated Reader during the 2018 AR Challenge. The long list of those students will appear in next week’s Friday Note.